Agencies + Brands + Work

Alternatives Design

Alt NY //

packaging, naming, web copy /  Kiss My Face, Corning, Alt NY website, HMV, Steve Madden


taglines, copy, naming for more than 50 brands, including Victoria's Secret, Snackwell, Toshiba, Smirnoff, Ocean Spray, Eukanuba Pet Food 


Naming for tech companies

Meyer + Associates NY

American Express Platinum Travel Destinations catalogue copy

The Copy Lab NYC

banners, email blasts, logo design, tagline, web copy, experiential initiatives (contests, events)

The Pop Bag

tagline, logo, email blasts, PR letters, website copy, brochures, experiential initiatives (contests, events)

Jupiter Communications / Soho -

corporate reports: The Interactive Home (60 pages), white pages


Lion Tours / Africa catalogue copy, logo, taglines + naming, Half Moon Resort  / Jamaica naming

Time Inc. Strategic Communications 

sponsored posts / native content and direct mail for various brands (Harrah's, Bank of America, American Express, Williams-Sonoma + + other Las Vegas casinos)

Beauty News NYC - Publisher of the first online beauty magazine w/ 12 sections; crafted sponsored/native ads; created media kits, editorial calendars, logos, etc.

Wit Inc.

product naming + taglines

The Moderns

website creation/content


website content + user experience/navigation

Profound Projex

game Script: created an immersive "real-time" theater experience in various locations across NYC over the course of five days.

humorous radio scripts / station announcements 

Calori & VanDen Eynden NYC

brochure and website copy for the Azia Centre in Shanghai



                       Goal: a trusted, earnest and natural copy tone

3 panel.JPG


                          Goal: cement the unique KISS MY FACE brand attitude through its various product names: 



LANDOR New York.

Goal: create a tagline for Toshiba broad enough to encompass + highlight all of its myriad tech products, yet narrow enough to position it as an exciting tech leader. 

Tagline for The Copy Lab NYC

Goal: an artful tagline that would appeal to copywriters + other creatives, tying in with the theme of a laboratory.

Result: "where creatives bond."

Tagline for The Pop Bag in NYC -- a way to promote and market products to target audiences in movie theaters. 

Goal: sum up the benefit of the Pop Bag for prospective clients / advertisers

Resulting tagline: "Take your brand to the movies."


for, Alternatives Design Agency

Goal: creating an engaging landing page that will reflect the vibe of the agency, and inspire a reader to want to explore its various links.


Website Copy - Example #2

Goal: entice readers' for Beauty News NYC, the first online beauty magazine.

Result: 12 different sections for easy browsing: Beauty, SPA, Fragrance, Fashion & Accessories, City Pulse, Hair Care, Skin Care, Metro Mama, Metro Man, Metro Home, Metro Pets, Travel.

Packaging, catalog copy, web copy

Example: The Stork Club / licensed products

Goal: impart the elegance of the Stork Club through curated copy.

Digital / Banners

Social Media seminar for The Copy Lab

Social Media seminar for The Copy Lab