Conde Nast Incubator / The New Yorker: writer/editor:

Agencies + Brands + Work 

Alternatives Design

Alt NY //

packaging, naming, web copy /  Kiss My Face, Corning, Alt NY website, HMV, Steve Madden



taglines, copy, naming for more than 50 brands, including Victoria's Secret, Snackwell, Toshiba, Smirnoff, Ocean Spray, Eukanuba Pet Food 



Naming/ Verbal Identity for various tech companies


Meyer + Associates NY

American Express Platinum Travel Destinations digital catalogue + direct mail content


The Copy Lab NYC

Broad Spectrum Identity + Strategy: digital banners, email blasts, logo design, tagline, web content tone + design, experiential initiatives (contests, events), PR releases, sales sheets / collateral 


The Pop Bag

Broad Spectrum Identity + Strategy: tagline, logo, email blasts, PR releases, web content tone + design, brochures, experiential initiatives (contests, events), sales sheets/ collateral


Jupiter Communications / Soho -

corporate report, The Interactive Home (60 pages), white pages



Lion Tours / Africa digital catalogue content, logo, tagline + Verbal Identity/Naming


Half Moon Resort  / Jamaica: Verbal Identity


Time Inc. Strategic Communications 

strategized and created sponsored / native digital content + direct mail for Harrah's Las Vegas, Bank of America, American Express, Williams-Sonoma


Beauty News NYC - publisher of the first online beauty magazine. 


Broad Spectrum Identity for beauty magazine w/ 12 sections: crafted sponsored/native content, created media kits, editorial calendars, logo, tagline, forged brand partnerships, periodic rebranding, email blasts / e-promotions, sales sheets, social media strategy, video content


Wit Inc.

verbal identity/product naming + taglines


The Moderns

website strategy + content



website content + user experience/navigation

Video content: wrote + produced 13 On Demand videos on the topic of advertising and best practices across multiple platforms, including web, email, interactive billboards, banners, posters, experiential, social media, packaging, direct mail, radio + online/tv scripts, long-copy sponsored content


Profound Projex

Theatrical game script: created an immersive "real-time" theater experience in various locations across NYC over the course of five days.

humorous radio scripts / station announcements 


Calori & VanDen Eynden NYC

web copy for the Azia Centre in Shanghai + its collateral



                       Goal: a trusted, earnest and natural copy tone

KMF back panel.JPG


                          Goal: cement the unique KISS MY FACE brand attitude through its various product names: 



LANDOR New York.

Goal: create a tagline for Toshiba broad enough to encompass + highlight all of its myriad tech products, yet narrow enough to position it as an exciting tech leader. 

Tagline + Design for The Copy Lab NYC

Goal: an artful tagline that would appeal to copywriters + other creatives, tying in with the theme of a laboratory.

Result: "where creatives bond."

Tagline for The Pop Bag in NYC -- a way to promote and market products to target audiences in movie theaters. 

Goal: sum up the benefit of the Pop Bag for prospective clients / advertisers

Resulting tagline: "Take your brand to the movies."


for, Alternatives Design Agency

Goal: creating an engaging landing page that will reflect the vibe of the agency, and inspire a reader to want to explore its various links.


Website Copy - Example #2

Goal: entice readers' for Beauty News NYC, the first online beauty magazine.

Result: 12 different sections for easy browsing: Beauty, SPA, Fragrance, Fashion & Accessories, City Pulse, Hair Care, Skin Care, Metro Mama, Metro Man, Metro Home, Metro Pets, Travel.

Packaging, catalog copy, web copy

Example: The Stork Club / licensed products

Goal: impart the elegance of the Stork Club through curated copy.

Digital / Banners

Social Media seminar for The Copy Lab

Social Media seminar for The Copy Lab

Catalogue / Direct Mail / Long Copy

BCA: South Africa

BCA: South Africa

BCA : Jamaica

BCA : Jamaica

BCA: Regent

BCA: Regent

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